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Sheriff Fox Season 3 finale just came out today, if you haven't read yet, please give a try if you don't mind. I spent days working on it  Sheriff Fox Episode 77: Invasion - part 1Very far away from Knothole, beyond the wall of this very dimension, lay another world, where twisted versions of Sheriff Fiona and her friends live. And those twisted versions were up to something.
Fear Fox, the evil version of Sheriff Fiona Fox, found herself in her room with Buns, the evil version of Bunnie. She had pinned Buns against the wall by holding her wrists, Fear was making out with her, sucking up her tongue and biting it; their moans of pleasure could be heard outside in the hallway.
“Fear! Fear! Answer me, dammit!” Alicia Acorn, the evil version of Sally Acorn and frequently cheated Fear's girlfriend, spoke with Fear via the acorn-shaped badge they both have attached into their chests; the chipmunk sounds impatient.
“Ignore her, my Empress.” Buns said to Fear seductively as she softly touch her face. “Come on, let's continue...”
“You better have a good reason to bother me” Fear ignored her and talk with Alicia via the badge

Mature Content

  Sheriff Fox Episode 80: Invasion - part 4In the next morning, after a well needed night's sleep, Sheriff Fiona Fox and Inspector Barby Koala were ready to travel beyond the wall of this dimension, into the dimension where Fear and the other evil version of themselves lives; the mini interdimensional machine was on Fiona’s belt.
“Be careful, Fiona. I have a feeling this might be a trap.” Sally warned, still suspecting Alicia’s sudden change of side.
“Heh, won’t be the first time” Fiona joked, remembering all the times she did fell into a trap.
“You be careful too.” Erma told to Barby. “I…we…don’t know much about it” She, with a reddish face, changed her sentence in the last minute.
Barby was blushing too, but smiling. She then proceeded to hug the ermine; which surprised her. “Thank you, Erma. I will be” She replied. Erma smiled, still blushing, and hugged the koala back.
Fiona and Sally also hugged each other for a moment. “A
  Sheriff Fox Episode 80: Invasion - part 4.5Back to the regular dimension, Alicia and her allies were aligned in a single row, hands and legs handcuffed and with armed soldiers standing behind them, just in case. Sally has confiscated Alicia's interdimensional machine, however, no matter what she did, the machine just didn't want to work.
“What did you do?” Sally interrogated Sally.
“We sent Fear back to her own dimension.” Alicia replied. “Isn’t this what we wanted?”
“Don't play the political with me, you motherf*** acorn-eating b***!” Erma grabbed Alicia by her fur angrily. “No offense, Mayor Acorn.”
“None taken”
“I'll come clean with you.” Alicia decided to be honest. “I want Fear dead and the only one who can do this feat is, surprise, surprise, your Fiona.”
Returning to the twisted dimension, Brick

Anyway, the main series will stay on hiatus for a while. Please notice I said "main series" which means I will work on some spin-off versions of the series, for instance: Sheriff Fox in regular Mobius, maybe a story with vampires, maybe a fantasy/choose one story and etc...

I will also work on a fanfiction to a new sonic yuri ship I found Conquering Storm x Clove the Pronghorn. (Blame this picture for give the idea XD Movie Night by LittleWoodlouse)

And finally, time to some questions and answers with you guys :iconyay:
I want to know what you guys are thinking about Sheriff Fox series so far, what need to change, what doesn't need to change, what characters should appear, what characters should return, what stories do you guy suggest...please tell me! I want to know what you guys are thinking :aww:
Also don't forget to make your questions about the series, I will be more than glad in answer them :D

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